Zora's chest button stays red after starting. It is not possible to request the ip address of the robot.

This problem can be solved with the Fix-Red-Button_v1.1 program.

It is necessary to connect the robot to a network cable.

The program will then try to search your robot. If the robot is found, double-click on the ip address of the robot and click on 'Fix red button'.

The robot will turn itself off.

Restart the robot with network cable. Go to Wi-Fi settings (via gear icon) to re-connect your robot to the Wi-Fi network or to activate the hotspot.

The robot can also start with a red chest when the hotspot function is activated and a mobile cell tower is present in the neighborhood.
Unfortunately, no solution is possible for this and the robot must be connected to a local Wi-Fi connection.
Start the robot with a network cable and connect to a Wi-Fi network.

If the problem is not resolved, please open a support ticket on this portal.