What are the prerequisites?

What steps do I need to follow to make the USB flash drive?

  • attach the USB flash drive to the Windows computer, note all data on the flash drive will be deleted
  • go to the command prompt (Start > Run > type cmd)
  • when the Command Prompt window opens, enter the following commands:
    • diskpart
    • list disk
    • select disk x (x is the flash drive)
    • clean
  • unzip Naoqi_flasher.zip
  • go in the folder and "run as administrator" flasher.bat 
  • inside the program select file "opennao-atom-system-image-"
  • Check on the option "Factory reset"
  • Hit the start button
  • when finished, remove flash drive from computer
  • make sure the robot is fully charged before continuing
  • switch the robot off
  • insert flash drive at the back of the head
  • start the robot by pressing the chest button for approx 5 seconds until the blue leds starts flashing and release the button
  • wait approx 20 min, the robot will reboot itself and stands up when completely ready