The multitool has been designed to obtain specific information from a robot or (in some cases) to configure certain options on the robots of ZoraBots.

This program can be run in two ways, specifically:

- An executable file (.exe) for Windows-machines

- A Java executable file (.jar) for all operating systems

When using the Java executable, the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment must be installed on the computer. To download the latest version, please check the following link

MAKE SURE THE 32-BIT VERSION IS INSTALLED, even if the computer is running a 64-bit version Windows or MacOS.

Warning before use: Both the robot and the computer must be connected on the same network, and the network discovery service must be enabled on the computer and main router.

For more information on the network discovery service, use the following link.


The following compatibility of the tools is valid: 

Retrieve robot information
All versions
All versions
Find and connect to a robot
All versions
Not supported
Fix red chest button
Since 0.7.53 version
Not applicable to Pepper
Network configuration
Since 0.7.4 version
Not applicable to Pepper
Security activator
Since 0.7.51 version
Since the 0.1.3p version